Bylaws of the Arizona Borderlands Democrats

Article I - Name.

The name of this organization shall be Arizona Borderlands Democrats (ABD) exness.

Article II - Purpose.

The purpose of ABD shall be:  To support and advance the principles and ideals of the Democratic Party, to provide a regular forum for candidates, and to keep the electorate informed on current events and issues.

Article III - Policy.

Section 1 - Endorsements :  ABD, as a body, shall not publicly endorse the candidacy of any Primary candidate or in any other manner give its influence as an organization to the cause of any candidate or faction of the Democratic Party in any intraparty controversy.    

Section 2 - Public Comments :  The foregoing shall not be construed to prevent ABD from commenting on or making recommendations on any public issues whenever it is decided by a majority vote of the members present and voting that such action is in the interest of good government is exness trading legal in india.

Article IV - Membership.

Section 1 - Active Members: Registered Democrats and Independents shall be eligible for membership.

Article V -Officers, Elections and Duties.

Section 1 - Elected Officers : Elected Officers shall include (1) a President/Chairman (2) a Vice President/Vice Chairman (3) a Secretary (4) a Treasurer (5) County Committee Representative.  Each office holder will be elected to serve a term of one year.

Section 2 – Elections of Officers exness trading platform :  Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting.

Section 3 - Duties of Officers:

A. President:

The President shall:

B. Vice President:

The Vice President shall:

C. Secretary:

The Secretary shall:

D. Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall:

E. County Committee Representative:

Shall attend meetings of the Santa Cruz County Democratic Party Executive Committee; shall report to the members of ABD on the activities of the County Committee; shall be a Precinct Committeeperson in order to vote at County Committee meetings; shall be a voting member of the ABD Executive Committee and may hold another ABD office concurrently.

Article VI - Executive Committee

Section 1 - Membership There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the elected Officers and the County Committee Representative. The immediate past President shall be an ex-officio voting member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall act on the behalf of ABD between meetings. The President shall be the Chairperson of the Executive Committee.

Section 2 -- Meetings :   The Executive Committee shall meet at such times and places as the Executive Committee may decide.  The President or a majority of the voting members of the committee may call a special meeting with at least 3 days notice to the other members of the committee.  No proxies shall be allowed at Executive Committee meetings.

Section 3 - Committees :  The President may from time to time appoint such other Committees as the President, the membership, or the Executive Committee may deem necessary or advisable.

Section 4 - Vacancies :  The Executive Committee shall fill any vacancies occurring among officers or the Executive Committee, except those of the President or Vice-President who shall be elected by the membership within a reasonable time following the vacancy.


Section 5 - Absences :  Any member of the Executive Committee may be removed following three consecutive unexcused absences from regular Executive Committee meetings.  The Secretary will notify the member if action is to be taken.

Section 6 - Quorum :  A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be 50% plus one of the Executive Committee serving.

Article VII - Membership Meetings

Section 1 - Annual Meeting :  The Annual Meeting of Arizona Borderlands Democrats shall be the first regular meeting of the calendar year.

Section 2 – Regular Meetings :  Regular meetings of ABD shall normally be held once each month.  Meeting dates may be set/changed by majority vote of the membership present at any meeting

Section 3 - Special Meetings :  Special meetings of Arizona Borderlands Democrats shall be held on such occasions as the President and the Executive Committee may specify.  Notice of each special meeting shall be given at least 7 days in advance of the meeting.

Article VIII - Dues

Section 1 - Annual Dues :  Each member shall pay annual dues in the amount determined by the membership.  Dues for the current year must be paid prior to the Annual Meeting.

Article IX - Voting Qualifications

Section 1 - Eligibility :  Members whose dues are paid for the current year are eligible to vote or hold office.

Article X.


Section 1 - Expenditures :  ABD may expend funds for purposes of a specific nature or in response to a specific request as follows:

  1. If for $100.00 or less, by the President.
  2. If for more than $100.00 with prior approval of the Executive Committee.
  3. Receipts for all expenditures shall be submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner.

Article XI - Amendments.

Section 1 - Amendments :  This document may be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present and voting, a quorum being present. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the executive committee which will circulate them, in a form acceptable to the proposer, at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be considered.

Article XII- Quorum.

Section 1 - Quorum :  A Quorum for the conduct of general business shall be at least 10 members presided over by a member of the Executive Committee.

Article XIII - Order.

Section 1 - Order :  These Bylaws shall govern the organization and operation of  ABD. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern situations not covered by these Bylaws.

Adopted in open meeting of the ABD membership on June 14, 2003

Bylaws Committee:   Don Irving, Lance Hoopes, Gail Eifrig.

Executive Committee 2003 :

President/Chairman: Jack Cox     Vice President/Vice Chairman: Lance Hoopes

Secretary: Gail Eifrig       Treasurer: Helen Pohlig
County Committee Representative: